Springtime in Holland

Being a Southern girl, from Atlanta, GA, I have my fair share of sunshine in what we call “spring” but pretty much feels like summer to everyone else. Georgia is blazing hot & humid almost every day as soon as April hits.

Here in the Netherlands, Spring has temperatures that Atlantans would complain about during winter. It’s May now, and people are still wearing winter coats, boots, scarves. It also rains weekly, at least. However, this just means that when the sun comes out and the breeze is light, everyone makes the best of it!

My favorite activity on a beautiful day in Holland is lunch, al fresco. (Here’s one of my favorite Lily Allen tracks to set the mood).

During the good weather, I also managed to squeeze in a visit to Scheveningen, a beach right outside of the Hague (den Haag), with my lovely kiwi friend Nichola. We explored a park in the city and then hung out on the chilly but still enjoyable (and extremely empty) beach.

I’ve heard the beach is insanely crowded during the summer. I think I might prefer the quietness we experienced.

After a few beachside beers and a nice chat, we retired to our hostel, where we chatted all night with new friends from France, Germany, England, and Italy….some had more to say than others. Communicating in a range of English speaking skills is always interesting.

My favorite question, which came from the French folk: “Do Americans really eat and drink while they are walking/driving?”

“…Yes. And we are experts at it.”

You never realize that eating while walking is a skill until you impress French people with your powers.

The next day, on the way back to Eindhoven, we made a pit stop in Utrecht so that we could add another city on our map of explored locations.

I loved Utrecht! It’s gorgeous and feels very laid back (much like many cities in Holland). I decided I have to revisit, for longer this time, because a few hours was not enough.

I will be making a day trip to Utrecht this week! Can’t wait to revisit one of my new favorite Dutch cities.

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