To Scandinavia, we go!

Last week, I finally made my way to Sweden to visit my love, Allie (her study abroad blog is here) via bus from Eindhoven to Copenhagen. Travel time took about 12 hours…yup. Let’s just say I can survive anything after taking a night bus across 3 countries.

Upon arrival in Copenhagen, Allie “Copenhagen Expert” Woodward took me around to show me the best a few hours in the city could offer. We shopped, walked through Christiania (really cool hippie community) and got Nutella-filled crepes (which I proceeded to spill all over myself, so I ended upĀ wearing the nutella…I REGRET NOTHING).

Other highlights include a glass of wine while were serenaded by live music on the canal, as well as some in-ground trampolines near the water, which made for good pictures.


After a day in Copenhagen, we took a train back to Allie’s humble abode in Lund, Sweden where she is on exchange at university there. We nommed on some dinner and got ready to go out to the Nations! They don’t really have bars in Lund, just Nations which double as bar/clubs in residential buildings. It’s a big student scene with lots of typical techno and well-dressed Swedes, drinking pricey beers and ciders. One big difference was that everyone dances when they go out there! The Dutch don’t seem to be into dancing as much as the Swedes (which is not a problem for me. I prefer a good chat on a night out, usually).

Our night at the Hallands Nation with Allie and her French friend, Jennifer, was enjoyable though!

The next day, Allie and I did a BIG brunch…American style (eggs, bacon, OJ, coffee, toast & cream cheese…the works). It was nice be able to indulge in American things and talk about stuff from home, after spending so much time without that luxury. I haven’t actually had that much contact with fellow Americans during my study abroad experience.

Allie showed me around Lund and we bought some Swedish snacks at the grocery store to prepare for our trip to the spa the next day! We went a spa in a small town, Ystad, which is ON THE BEACH. The spa was so relaxing and beautiful. The food was amazing as well (although we had a bit of trouble ordering at first…oh, language barriers).

Overall, the trip to Denmark and Sweden was one of my most fun and relaxing trips yet. Sometimes its nice to just enjoy the days slowly instead of sightseeing all day, like a typical tourist.

She’s starting early…


It’s almost time!

Hoi! I have about 9 days left in the states now! It’s so strange to think I will be leaving soon.

Last night I went out in Atlanta with some friends as a bit of a goodbye. We got rained on a bit but it was a fun last night out in Atlanta. My friend Brittany thought that I was going to a collection of countries, as in she thought the Netherlands was a general area, like Scandinavia haha. The name does make it sound so, but no- it’s just one country. I think I might call it Holland more often, to avoid confusion.

I have been learning some Dutch thanks to a kindly YouTube user, Dutchforn00bs. The name pretty much says it all. So far, I have learned how to introduce myself (Ik ben Katelyn!), how to say hello and goodbye (hallo, dag) and some general pronunciation details. I know that I probably won’t be needing much of this since the Dutch start learning English at a very young age and their accents are very light, it’s fun to try and embrace a new language. It’s going to be an interesting g experience over there, just trying to run basic errands. I’ve heard a popular grocery store is called Albert Heijn (I think I’m spelling that right…) so I went to check out the website to see what kind of foods they sell and EVERYTHING was in Dutch. Even google translate couldn’t do much for me there. I guess I will be basing many of my purchase on visuals, at least for a while.

I still need to pack, because my friend Allie, who is already in Sweden, told me to pack early because it took her awhile. It looks like I will be flying into Brussels, Belgium instead of Amsterdam because the loads look better. Oh the life of flying standby. Both cities are about the same distance from Eindhoven so, not much of a loss there. And if we get in early enough, there might be time to explore Brussels!

I am so excited that the time is approaching, but I will miss my friends and family in the US dearly while I’m gone. It doesn’t feel real, but I guess everyone feels that way before a big move or change.