Tilburg Textile Museum

So right now I am in the middle of SDL which stands for “self-directed learning,” a new thing that the Industrial Design department at TU/e has implemented. Students are given the freedom to pick their own learning activities. The faculty gives recommendations for things like lectures, workshops, museums. My coach recommended the nearby Textile Museum in Tilburg, which is only a train station stop away from Eindhoven so I made a day trip for what I thought would be an average day at a museum. The Textile Museum definitely proved me wrong. So much cooler than I thought it would be!

From historical textile machines to the modern technology found in the awesome textile lab, where people are actually working, even those without any remote interest in textiles would find this museum entertaining. I know this because my company for the day, Xander, seemed pretty excited about it even though he’s not even an Industrial Designer.

See what I mean?

The best part was the main exhibit on the first floor, which contained a large collection of objects that were organized by size, shape, and color and would probably make any industrial designer or product enthusiast drool. Unfortunately I found out after getting pictures of the first thing I saw (the wall of scissors), that photography wasn’t exactly allowed in this exhibit. Oops.

But you get to see these two pictures anyway!

Don’t you feel privileged?

These scissors, banned from being brought onto planes, were collected from checked baggage.

Another interesting piece, a room filled with wooden train tracks & toys. Looks like a tree!

Now, back to the Textile Lab.

As you can tell, I was particularly fascinated with the wall of colorful thread.

The rest of the museum went a bit over my head, because the upstairs portion was filled with movies/exhibits that only had Dutch commentaries. Xander explained that the commentaries were just explaining the industrial revolution in the Netherlands and how it affected the textile industry here.

I mostly found entertainment in this little guy. Very realistic looking, don’t you think?

Funky goat.

Phew! That museum was exhausting. Time for a rest in the giant textile chair/bench?

I will close the post with some awesome street art dedicated to Amy Winehouse, which we found while exploring a bit more of Tilburg. Until next time!