First things first.

Death Eaters Attack London (a reference video in case you have forgotten the scene)

I walked across the Millenium Bridge without being killed by Death Eaters! Boss.

So, as you can see, I recently went on a trip to London for 6 days. I had never been to England at all before, so it was a new experience! It was great to have people immediately speak English to you, and be able to overhear & understand conversations, because you never realize how fun that is until you’re living in another country and don’t speak the language. It’s much more entertaining when you can understand what’s happening around you 🙂

Overall impression of London is that it’s a huge, bustling city filled with a great mix of people. There were a lot of tourists and touristy things but it never felt excessive (like some parts of Amsterdam can feel way too touristy- London was not like this, for me).

Here are the highlights!

Day 1- arrive in London at 5pm, ride the tube (subway) for the first time, check into hotel and pass out from travel-induced exhaustion.

Day 2- Explore a bit. Have a look at Buckingham Palace and take plenty of photos. Take a bus to The Making of Harry Potter (also know as the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London) which is actually an hour outside of the city. This studio tour was, simply put, AMAZING. It also took all day.

Day 3- Go to the Tate Modern (an art museum with some great pieces, from folks like Picasso, Monet and Dali). Afterwards, more exploration which leads to us accidentally coming across Big Ben. Also had a great view of the London eye from here. Walk along the pier by the London Eye and come across an outdoor comedy/entertainment festival, where there are plenty of Londoners enjoying tasty beverages. Try Magners Irish cider and eat some dinner as well.

Day 4- Shopping in London! Finally hit up Topshop as I have always wanted to shop there. More museums, as we explore the V&A (Victoria & Albert) as well as the Natural History Museum (a little too geared towards kids). More shopping ensues, with a visit to Picadilly Circus, which is often described as the Times Square-like area of London. Find out that this is also where you go if you want to be consistently pestered to check out this club or that bar- seriously, watch out for these publicity guys because they are annoying and pop up EVERYWHERE…like pigeons.

Day 5- Have high tea/afternoon tea at a fancy shmancy hotel, which was possibly the most delicious and filling meal of my life. It had everything you’d ever want- English breakfast tea, tiny adorable sandwiches, delicious pastries/cakes. I felt like Marie Antoinette, except…English. Shop around a little more before heading back to the hotel to get dressed up. See Phantom of the Opera (my favorite musical, of all time) at Her Majesty’s Theater (the same theater Phantom opened in, 25 years ago). Tears were shed. Amazing.

Day 6- Last breakfast in London, so of course I opted for a traditional English breakfast- yum! Head straight to the Tower of London, which is so huge it takes several hours to go through. The Crown Jewels, however, takes about 10 minutes because you are forced to hop on one of those moving walkways; which while I understand is used to control the flow of traffic, it was kind of obnoxious because you can’t truly admire the detail of the jewels. Did a bit more Harry Potter sightseeing- found Platform 9 and 3/4 at Kings Cross Station, as well as spotted the alleyway filmed for the Leaky Cauldron scenes. Got dinner and drinks and said goodbye to London 😦 headed to the airport at midnight because our bargain flight (oh, Ryanair) was at 6am.

So as you can tell, we packed a lot of things into those 6 days but it was still a relaxing trip! My favorite part of trips is the spontaneous moments, so it’s great that London has a nice transport system. You can easily hop on the tube (though it’s not cheap, I warn you…day tickets are essential) to explore a new part of the city!

Now that you’ve read all through that…it’s PICTURE TIME.

Yule Ball Ice Sculpture, from HP4.

Golden Egg from HP4

Potions Props from Harry Potter

Tom Riddle's Gravestone...looks much happier in this context, doesn't it?

Had to get one of these pictures...cheesy but necessary!

Finally found Fish & Chips!

The Tower of London

I found Platform 9 and 3/4!


Anyway, as you can see my trip to London was exciting (although I might mention, quite expensive). I’d love to go to England again if I ever have the chance!